Monday, 13 October 2008

Quick update.

Right then.

All is quiet on the Flatlands front, first of all thanks so much to Thom from Lancaster for putting us on the other week, good times, good beer, quality bands, we had a blast despite the awful journey over, so cheers!

The rest of the year sees us playing 3 gigs more and 3 gigs more only as we've decided to go all out from January when the album is released, so if you fancy having 5 mis-shapen chaps come and make a noise in your pub/venue/home, get in touch, we particularly want to hit places we've not been before.

The last three gigs of this year are as follows-

October 27th- The Red House, Sheffield, with Khuda and Higher Council of Mars, which will kick off at 8pm and will cost only £3, great price considering the credit crunch tightening of belts the media would have you and me beleive is STRIDENT and FORTHRIGHT in its FEROCITY.

October 29th- Royal Park Cellars, Leeds, with Khuda and Higher Council of Mars as well as some more bands, this night is the album release show for Khuda's debut album/EP too, so it should be ace.

November 24th- The Shakespeare, Sheffield with Git Some, The Mirimar Disaster and some more, Git Some are ex-Planes Mistaken For Stars and thats all you need to know, this will be amazing as well as our last hurrah in this foul year of our lord 2008.

Ta mate.


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