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This Is Woodhall Sparta, new times, old times...

Hello all, it's been ages since we used this blog, but we will be putting more and more stuff on here as time gos by from now on.


Well most of you know now, Simon has left, he let us know around Christmas and didn't buy us a present to say sorry, but that's ok, being in a band with him for five years has been awesome, and we'd like to thank him muchly for driving, playing and joining us in our musical and culinary missions across the UK.

His replacement is former Saving:Mitsuko and all-round nice guy Stuart Hudson, who has settled in very quickly and will be joining us on our European tour which is coming up ina few weeks, we'll be doing a big photo blog and tour diary for that, mark my words.

We have also recorded some new stuff, and will be releasing 200 copies of what we think will be a self-titled three-tracker, nice hand-made origami/transparency deal which we hope you will like as much as we do, I honestly think its the best we've ever sounded and has some more unique stuff on it (Lincolnshire folk song samples, old women talking about crafts and some other hidden gems). We are also actively seeking a new label, we have enough stuff to make a pretty mean sounding album and as far as we know, Sound Devastation aren't interested (we haven't heard from them in about a year anyway).

You can hear a new track called 'This Is Woodhall Sparta' and a track from the Black Sluice album at now.

That's it for new stuff, I thought I'd post all our gigs on here for posterity, seeing as we don't use the website any more, this is just a daft amount, at a quick count- 120 gigs with Si in the band, many more to come.

Little note, any gigs here marked with a star are tourdates, we've done five in all with the following bands: Red Stars Parade and Naked Shit (2005), The Death of Her Money and Art of Burning Water (2006), Narwhal (2006), Montana (2008) and Tiger Warsaw (2009).


7th November
, The Windmill, London Belushi Fest (with Tiger Warsaw, Tim Holehouse, Attack! Vipers!, Hitcher, The Death of Her Money, and more)

*2nd October- Taylor John's, Coventry (with Tiger Warsaw and Relations)

*1st October- The Old Bell, Derby (with Tiger Warsaw, Catharsis and Grande Duke)

*30th September- The Cardigan Arms, Leeds (with Tiger Warsaw)

*29th September
- The Grapes, Sheffield (with Catharsis and Tiger Warsaw)

*27th September- The 13th Note, Glasgow (with Tiger Warsaw, The Death of Her Money, Low Sonic Drift and Citizens).

*26th September- Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh (with Tiger Warsaw, The Death Of Her Money and Hitcher)

24th September
- The Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham, (with Altar Of Plagues, Moloch and After The Last Sky)

13th Septemeber
- The Horse and Groom, Lincoln (with Stand-up Guy and Tiger Warsaw)

12th September - The Leopard, Doncaster (with Stand-up Guy)

11th July - The Horse and Groom, Lincoln - GROOMFEST II (with City of Ships, Tiger Warsaw, Khuda, Sealord and more)

13th April - The Grapes, Sheffield (with Ehnahre and more)

28th March - The Windmill, Brixton (with Tim Holehouse, My Summer As A Salvation Soldier and more)

11th March - O'Dwyers, Barnsley (with Red Stars Parade and Une)

2nd March - The Vines, Derby (with Catharsis and more)

27th February - Royal Park Cellars, Leeds (with Khuda and Hog Island Boas)

25th February
- The Grapes, Sheffield (official album launch, with Red Stars Parade and Catharsis)

21st February - Stuck On A Name Studios, Nottingham (with Altar of Plagues, Dead In The Woods and Hammers)

20th February - Somewhere mental in Lincoln (with Tiger Warsaw


24th November - The Red House, Sheffield (with Git Some and others)

27th October - The Red House, Sheffield (with Khuda & Higher Council Of Mars)

6th October - The Yorkshire House, Lancaster (with The Freezing Fog and Hammers)

18th September - The Grapes, Sheffield

14th September - Team Tall Weekender, The Casbah, Sheffield

13th September - Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

12th September - Drouthies, Dundee (with Stand-up Guy)

11th September - The Tunnels, Aberdeen (with Kaddish and Ablach)

3rd September - Academy 2, Sheffield (with 65 Days Of Static, The Mirimar Disaster and The Humble Hoax)

6th August - The Grapes, Sheffield (with Celebrity Love Crisis and The Grand March)

26th July - Cussedfest III, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

28th June - Chameleon Cafe, Nottingham

21st June - The Leopard, Doncaster (with Pilgrim Fathers and Iron Void)

*29th March - The Gander, Bournemouth (with Montana, Olmec Diagram and The Nepalese Temple Ball)

*28th March - The Fighting Cocks, Kingston (with Montana and Only Until)

*27th March - Taylor John's House, Coventry (with Montana, Chapters and Actionier)

*26th March
- The Casbah, Sheffield (with Montana and Only Until)

*25th March
- The Yorkshire House, Lancaster (with Montana, Manatees and Burnst)

*24th March
- The Brickyard, Carlisle (with Montana)

*23rd March
- The Balcony Bar, Dundee (with Montana, Archives and Kaddish)

*22nd March - Canon's Gait, Edinburgh (with Montana, Tim Holehouse and Oldseed)

*21st March - Hessle Street House Show, Leeds (with Montana, The Grand March and Joseph)

29th February - The Grapes, Sheffield


8th October - The Glebe, Stoke-on-Trent (with Iye and After The Last Sky)

28th September - The Grapes, Sheffield

15th September - The Old Angel, Nottingham

9th September - The Casbah, Sheffield

12th August - The Boardwalk, Sheffield

28th July - The Cricketer's Arms, Sheffield - Ninehertz Alldayer (with Truckdriver Junior, Suns of Thunder, Grifter and more)

16th July - The Grosvenor, Brixton (with Narwhal and The Mirimar Disaster)

14th July - The Old Angel, Nottingham (with The Mirimar Disaster, Tiger Warsaw and Hordes of Satan)

13th July - The Bivouac, Lincoln (with The Mirimar Disaster, Tiger Warsaw and LAP)

8th July - The Golden Cross, Coventry (with Castor Troy and more)

7th July - The Common Place, Leeds (with Gruel, Unicorn Love and Slomatics)

3rd July - The Cricketer's Arms, Sheffield (with Slomatics, Threads and Tiger Warsaw)

25th May - The Glebe, Stoke-On-Trent (with Truckdriver Junior)

4th May - The Cricketer's Arms, Sheffield

28th April - O'Henry's, Glasgow (with Vom and Thema Eleven)

27th April - Drouthie Neebors, Dundee (with Thema Eleven and Archives)

26th April - The East Neuk, Aberdeen (with Thema Eleven, Archives and more)

18th April - The Cricketer's Arms Sheffield

8th April - Corporation, Sheffield (with Priestbird and Tim Holehouse)

18th March - Corporation, Sheffield, (The Mirimar Disaster album launch with Castor Troy and One Man and His Blunderbuss)

3rd March - The Bull Hotel, Horncastle

17th February - The Cricketer's Arms, Sheffield

15th February 2007 - The Fenton, Leeds


15th November - The Grapes, Sheffield

*28th October - The Old Angel, Nottingham (EVERYTHING WENT HEAVIER with Narwhal, Lazarus Blackstar, Among The Missing and more)

*27th October - Bart's House, Poole (with Narwhal and Sunshine Republic)

*26th October - Le Pub, Newport (with Narwhal, The Death of Her Money and The Keep)

*25th October - Flapper & Firkin, Birmingham (with Narwhal and The Mirimar Disaster)

*23rd October - The Cell, Lincoln (with Narwhal and Tiger Warsaw)

*22nd October - Canon's Gate, Edinburgh (with Narwhal, Kaddish and IX)

*21st October - O'Henrys, Glasgow (with Narwhal, Mesa Verde and Filthpact)

*19th October - The Cricketer's Arms, Sheffield (with Narwhal, Tiger Warsaw, Castor Troy and more)

10th September - DnR Live, Sheffield

20th August - Duke of Wellington, Lincoln (with Red Stars Parade, Palehorse and Joseph)

19th August - The Summer Garden Party, Burwardsley (with Red Stars Parade, Agent Of The Morai, Humanfly, Palehorse and more)

22nd July - Corporation, Sheffield (with Twin Zero and Textures)

2nd July - Clarkie's Birthday Party, Coventry (with The Plague Symphony, Castor Troy, The Mirimar Disaster and Narcosis)

*9th June - Party Central, Sheffield (with The Death Of Her Money, The Mirimar Disaster, Red Stars Parade and Castor Troy)

*8th June - The Macbeth, London (with the Death Of Her Money, Tim Holehouse and My Summer As A Salvation Soldier)

*7th June - The Annexe, Spalding (with The Death of Her Money and Art of Burning Water)

*5th June - Monkey Cafe, Swansea (with The Death of Her Money, Art of Burning Water and Black Eye Riot)

*4th June - Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff (with The Death Of Her Money, Art of Burning Water and Vialka)

*3rd June - Stoke's Croft, Bristol (with The Death Of Her Money, Art Of Burning Water, Taint, Farewell To Arms, Thread and more)

26th May - Traveller's Rest, Lincoln (with Army Of Flying Robots, Valhalla Pacifists and more)

11th April - The Grapes, Sheffield

1st April - House Show, City Road, Sheffield (with Bring Out Your Dead)

26th March - Joseph's Well, Leeds (with Enablers and Immune)

19th March - The Green Room, Chesterfield (with Embers Burnt, Skud and more)

18th March - Le Pub, Newport (with Tractor and The Death Of Her Money)

3rd March - The Indian Queen, Boston (with Among The Missing and Burning The Prospect)

25th February - Cert 18, York (all dayer with Red Stars Parade, Humanfly, Bumsnogger, Electric Mud Generator and more)

24th February - Party Central, Sheffield (with Bring Out your Dead and After The Last Sky)

17th February - The Cricketer's Arms, Sheffield

28th January - D'n'R Live, Sheffield


7th December - D'n'R Live, Sheffield (with Nyasi Forte, Opinicus and Session9)

25th November - Corporation, Sheffield (with Baroness and Capricorns)

*18th November - Subway, Edinburgh (with Red Stars Parade, Naked Shit and IX)

*17th November - Heaven & Hell, Liverpool (with Red Stars Parade, Naked Shit and Vultures)

*16th November - Satan's Hollow, Manchester (with Red Stars Parade and Naked Shit)

*15th November - Cert 18, York (with Red Stars Parade, Naked Shit and A Chlorine Kiss)

*14th November - Carringtons, Harrogate (with Red Stars Parade, Naked Shit)

*13th November - The Fenton, Leeds (with Red Stars Parade, Naked Shit and Humanfly)

*12th November
- House show in a cellar, Lancaster (with Red Stars Parade, Naked Shit and Dreams Are Free, Motherfucker!)

*11th November
- The Cricketer's Arms, Sheffield (with Red Stars Parade, Naked Shit and War Crimes)

*10th November
- Bivouac, Lincoln (with Red Stars Parade, Naked Shit and Stabbed In Autumn)

16th September - D'n'R Live, Sheffield 3 Stages of Pain album launch, with 3SP The Mirimar Disaster and Dirty Blood)

10th September - Bivouac, Lincoln (with 27, Bullet Union, Hopewood, Sunshine Republic)

12th August - The Jailhouse, Coventry (with Castor Troy and more)

2nd August - D'n'R Live, Sheffield

31st July - The Fenton, Leeds (with The Mirimar Disaster, One Man and His Blunderbuss, 3 Stages Of Pain and more)

30th July- Owned!fest 2005, Bivouac, Lincoln

23rd July- The Cricketers Arms, Sheffield

1st April- The Black Swan, Spalding (with Mfkzt)

6th March- Corporation, Sheffield (with The Mirimar Disaster and diverse others)

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